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Natural Anemia Solution

Divine Living Mission is introducing 100% natural organic solution for Anemia free society with free anemia test

Divine Living Mission is committed to make our society anemia free, that's why we introduced very first solution of its kind which is 100% natural. The most impressive feature of this solution is it's affordability and efficacy. The general people can afford it easily, because it costs only 50 paise a day for whole of the family. The beauty of this solution is that it has been fully absorbed by human body. This organic alternative of iron deficiency has no toxity, zero side effect. It is gluten free and vegan friendly. It will reduce your medical bill and side effects of synthetic/inorganic iron substitutes.


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Frequently asked questions

1-What is natural anemia solution?

Ans: It is a natural, safe and most cost effective answer to the anemia, which is a disease affecting a sizable population world over. It is a disease which decreases the human work efficiency.

2-What is"anemia test@ur doorstep"?

Ans:This is a program in which we conduct anemia test at patients place. Test is free but we charge Rs.5 per person as enrolment fee, payable onspot. This program is presently available in India. only. To make "our society anemia free" it is mendatory to identify the patients suffering from iron deficiency-anemia. So it is a good opportunity for every person. Take this opportunity and Register Your Self. Our coordinators will contact you and fix testing schedule at your place. Register Now.

3-What is anemia?

Ans:Anemia is a disease in which red blood cell count(hemoglobine)is less than normal level. The normal level in men is 13.5gm/100ml and in women 12gm/100ml.

4-What are the symptoms of anemia?

Ans:Tiredness, Fatigue, Pulpitation, Short Breath, Hairloss, General feeling of unwell.

5-Available Solutions to anemia?

Ans:Presently Iron and folic acid tablets are being distributed to the people in India under national nutritional anemic control program. Apart from this other compounds and some ayurvedic remadies are available.

6-What is Iron Fortified Sun?

Ans:This is the DLM anemis solution. It is made of natural ferrous alloy. It has inbuilt anatural energy and content to supplement iron in natural way without any toxity and habit forming.

7-How we can use it?

Ans:Any one can make iron water using "IronFortified SuN". This water is usefull in management of anemia. Iron rich recipies may be prepared using "IronFortifiedSuN". Every subscriber of "IronFortifiedSuN" is advised to get trained by our coordinator, while they visite your place or you may call them later. It is recommanded for every purchaser of "IronFortifiedSuN" to acquire proper skill to use by joining 1 hour free training at your place. Any one can acquire skill to make Iron rich recies, at any time by joining DLM Cooking Classes.

8-What is the cost of "IronFortifiedSuN"?

Ans:Presently it costs Rs.1100 per piece. The average life of "IronFortifiedSuN" is 6 years. 6 years x 365 days=2910 devided by 1100=Rs.1.99 again devided by average 6 family members=Approx 33paise per day for whole of the family.

9-How we can purchase it?

Ans:Simply You have to fill and submit Registration Form. Our concerned coordinator will touch you with in few days and will demonstrate you. After your satisfaction he/she will book your product online before you, after online booking you will get you product delivered within few days(it may take 2 to 7 days). Please remember that you do not have to pay money for product before delivery. Only you have to pay money after receiving product by courier. We sell product online only. We do not sell it physically or at any outlet/stores.

10-How it is safe?

Ans:It has been made with special ferrous natural alloy under good manufacturing practice. It has no toxity, it has no side effect, it has no habit forming. It is vegan friendly and gluten free. So it is 100% safe for anybody including child, pregnent women, lactating mothers and elder people.

11-Apart from supplementing iron deficiency, is there any other use of this solution"IronFortifiedSuN"?

Ans:Yes, It is usefull in recovery of chronic patients, because it acts like rejuvenator. It is also usefull in fatigue, diabetes, hypertension and strengthening of tissues.