Divine Living Mission: Solutions which Protects our Planet & Enhances Productivity of an Individual

Vedic sustainable solutions which paves the way of living conditions for the generations to come  

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Divine Living Mission

DLM calling every citizen to turn back to our roots, time has come to recall the way of living devised by our great ensisters, which does not pollute air, water and natural resources.

  • Divine clay water bottle@your doorstep. Save your beloved from the poison of bottled water/plastic water bottles & dead water of so called R.O. Purifiers. Ever best natural/organic hand crafted alternative of plastic water bottles. Divine clay water bottle regenerates lost micro biological elements in water & gives pure cool drinking water like spring water.
  • Divine clay water bottle for diabetics, Divine clay water bottle for heart ailment, Divine clay water bottle for joint pain/gout, Divine clay water bottle for hangover, Divine clay water bottle for detoxification are coming soon.
  • Divine clay water filter@your doorstep. Innovative natural organic hand crafted product to produce purest form of drinking water. Water breaths in it & gives you pure cool water like spring water with all natural minerals/nutrients. Save your beloved from the dead water of so called R.O. purifiers & poison of bottled water/plastic water bottles. Fitted with terafil candles(made as per Govt. of India Technology) removes bacteria, pathogens, heavy metals, odour, colour, other pollutants & reduces TDS.
  • Free anemia test@your doorstep. As we know anemia is a silent killer, it reduces work efficiency, which result loss of 0.9% of our GDP. So early detection of anemia is a win win situation.
  • Natural organic anemia solution@your doorstep. Say by by to chemical based anemia solutions, subscribe most cost effective natural organic anemia solution at your doorstep.
  • Free anemia test@School. 56% adoloscent girls and 30% boys are anemic. Anemia free school is the source of bright students. School owners/principals are requested to register for free anemia chek up camp.
  • Subscribe natural teeth insurance, to ensure life long healthy teeths. Say no to chemical based toothpaste/toothbrush which are polluting environment and harm to mankind.
  • Subscribe natural oxygen generator. Ensure good living conditions inside your house/workplace.
  • Job opportunity@home to young enterprenures, novel incubation to prepare future divine executive/divine chief ececutive officers. So apply Now. Jobs are available in each ward of every city of U.P., M.P., Bihar, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujrat and each block of every district of all the important states.
  • Organise DLM Club Chapter in ward of your city/block of your district and avail non refundable gant-in-aid.
  • Open cooking classes at your place/home and avail non refundable grant-in-aid.
  • Rotary/Lions club/ngo's -organise free anemia test camp at your place.

1 gram self experience is more authentic than tonnes of logic and arguements.

To get more info and  to subscribe our solutions log on http://divinelivingmission.cfsites.org

or contact Local co-ordinator/dlm club chapter/dlm cooking classes or dlm ambassador.

for any other info and to contact us drop a mail at divineconnect16@gmail.com

Disclaimer: Above mentioned products/services are not substitute of medical treatment/diagnosis. These are based on oriental sciences/vadic knowledge/community experience and not claiming cure. So it is advised to consult your Doctor.