Divine Living Mission: Solutions which Protects our Planet & Enhances Productivity of an Individual

Vedic sustainable solutions which paves the way of living conditions for the generations to come  

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Divine Living Mission

Divine Living Mission came in to existance to promote Divine Living. Divine Living is a vedic system has simple answers to modern world problems like global warming, pollution, mal neutrition, starvation, diseases, virus and so on................

Divine Living Mission is comitted to ensure living conditions on this planet- earth for the generations to come. Time has come to think and take appropriate action at individual level and as well as institutional level. Divine Living Mission is calling every citizen to turn back to our roots. Time has also come to recall the way of living devised by our great ensisters, which does not pollute air, water and natural resources. Divine Living is like simple living, holistic living, sustainable living, green living, ecological living but having spiritual approach too. To ensure well being of humanity and this planet- earth is our business. We invite every citizen living on earth to take part in our programs and subscribe solutions introduced time to time in phased manner.

Anemia free society: Presently DLM is scheduled to address anemia which is a silent killer. Nearly 2 billion people are anemic worldover. In India 56% girls and 30% boys of age group 10-19 are anemic. It reduces work efficiency, which result loss of 0.9% of our GDP. So early dection of anemia is a win win situation. DLM is coming with a program called "free anemia test@ your doorstep. Apart from identifying anemia, DLM is also coming with a natural organic anemia solution. It is most affordable and chemical free solution, available in less than 33 paise per day.

*Anemia free school: DLM is also introducing Free anemia test@school program to make our schools anemia free.

*Natural teeth insurance: Say by by to the harmful toothpaste and toothbrush, go for Natural Teeth Insurance@ your doorstep, to ensure lifelong healthy teeths.

*Natural oxygen generators: To make your inhouse environment clean, DLM is introducing Natural Oxygen Generators.

*Rotary/Lions Club/NGO's are invited to organise free anemia check up camp at their end.

Next gen career opportunity: Divine career with DLM, creating number of jobs at your place. Novel incubation to prepare future Eo and Ceo's

About Divine Living Mission

Divine Living Mission is a non profit entity came in to existance with the blessings of Spiritual Guru Swami Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj, founder Tatvagyan Divine Mission and Bhagwan Shri Dwadash Madhav Parikrama, Tirthraj Prayag Allahabad India. We are committed to provide divine solutions to every citizen living on earth for personal welfare and as well as for the welfare of this planet. DLM is coming with vedic sustainable solutions which paves the way of living conditions for the generations to come. Present head quarter is situated at Allahabad.

Our website is http://divinelivingmission.cfsites.org

You can mail us at divinelivingmission@gmail.com